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AUDIT IT: Conducting Audits in the Field...

Save time.  Save money.  Save effort.

Throw away your clipboard and record your audit data once only – while you’re right there, on the spot!  Using AUDIT IT in the field dramatically reduces the time it takes to conduct and record your auditing tasks and you’ll notice the difference where it counts – on your bottom line. In fact, based on feedback from several sites currently utilising AUDIT IT, you should cut your cost of auditing by up to 25%.

Not-so-keen typists appreciate AUDIT IT’s voice memo and photo recording features … after all a photo replaces a thousand words.

Depending on the complexity of your audit, you can choose to use the PDA by itself or use it in combination with your laptop.  The PDA is a versatile and convenient tool for capturing information while you are moving around while the laptop is ideal when you have access to a workstation or desk.