AUDIT IT: Field Service...

A key component of field service work is observation checks on buildings, equipment or plant.  This is where the AUDIT IT system really comes into its own. AUDIT IT enables methodical, accurate and speedy recording of all your in-field observations, locking in and processing the data.  When you’re ready to analyse and report, AUDIT IT’s automated tools will ensure the entire process is fuss-free.

AUDIT IT – a Best-fit Solution for the Inspection-based Services

Job Roster and Management

AUDIT IT’s Job Rostering and Management tools fit perfectly into the service environment. [click here for details and then use the back button to return here]  Many service-related inspections are initiated in line with legislative requirements and are mandatory for compliance – Fire Sprinkler checks are one example.

Maintaining your contracts is often about maintaining the confidence of your customers.  With the AUDIT IT system you – and your customers - can rest easy in the knowledge that your services are being delivered without failure.

  Service Checklists

AUDIT IT’s Questionnaire Design section is ideal for developing service checklists.  The checklist design area allows you to define specific actions for your staff to instigate or record when problems are identified.  These actions can be assigned costs where you need to charge the additional work on to the customer.  You can also utilise actions to initiate email notifications to either customers or your operations staff.

  Analysis Reporting

Use the Analysis Reporting functions to add extra value for your customers and to create additional revenue opportunities.  For example, the increase in numbers or frequency of minor faults may indicate that more work would benefit your customer.  AUDIT IT gives you the capacity to back up your customer advice with hard, relevant facts.

    Recording your Checklist Electronically

Why record electronically?  Just imagine the benefits of:

  • Automatically sending your service report in electronic format to customers - within minutes of leaving their site
  • Automatically notifying your office of additional service opportunities found during the inspection - within minutes of leaving each site
  • Eliminating the handling of manual reports
  • Eliminating the need for your technicians to return to the office to submit or pick up job details.

Used for inspection type service activity, AUDIT IT will save you money, boost your revenue and enhance your service performance.