What do I need and what will it cost?

You can make the smart move to AUDIT IT without a huge investment in expensive electronic equipment. Each auditor will need a PDA handheld device and the Web Application Server and Database system can be installed within your existing business architecture or hosted by us.

Set-up expenses are surprisingly affordable and are re-couped in the short-term through measurable cost efficiencies. In the long run, every day you don’t have AUDIT IT working for your business you are losing money and potential opportunities.

How will AUDIT IT will help Compliance Managers?

Audit IT will help you by:

  • Managing and monitoring all audit scheduling and completion activity from a central location, and in real-time!
  • Delivering accurate, professional and prompt communication to customers or stakeholders … every time
  • Performing detailed analysis of results within minutes (not days)
  • Ensuring all audit corrective actions are actually completed (the business end of compliance)
  • Readily identifying problem sites and the common issues.

How will AUDIT IT will help Auditors?

Audit IT will help you by:

  • Easily and electronically capturing results as they conduct audits
  • Immediately transferring the data back to the office – reducing travel and administration time
  • Letting the system deliver the report – no more manual transcribing

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