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AUDIT IT: Issue Management...

Issue Management is the business end of compliance management.  Without effective Issue Management systems there is little value in even completing the audit, which is a costly process in itself.

AUDIT IT provides a streamlined Issues Management process to take you seamlessly through issue identification and action definition to problem close-off.  Once your audit data is captured, this transparent, easily navigated system becomes an action-focused one-stop solution.  No cumbersome importing/exporting across multiple systems – just a simple, single resource that translates audit data into audit outcomes.

Corrective Action Reports (CARs) are created using either the PDA or the desktop application, with the initial step being the assignment of a user to manage the issue.  The process is then driven through progressive steps: root cause definition, planned action, action implemented, action completed and CAR close-off.

Alerts can be set to notify system users of CAR milestones that are falling due or are overdue.

Access, action, alerts and accountability – AUDIT IT Issue Management ensures your audit generates positive corrective results.