AUDIT IT: Merchandising...

Keeping stock – inventory, ordering, replenishment

AUDIT IT is a full-function merchandising system designed to help elevate your business to the next performance level.

We’ve combined AUDIT IT’s standard functionality with purpose-designed add-ons for recording stock quantities, registering order requirements and capturing training activity to make it the ideal specialist tool for managing and enhancing your merchandising activities.

Use AUDIT IT to:

  • Achieve the optimum performance from your staff
  • Capture the right information to work more effectively with your customers
  • Rapidly replenish stores with “Out of Stock” products
  • Quickly and accurately identify stores that need additional resources and attention
  • Pinpoint problem areas for each store.

AUDIT IT streamlines control of your stock and product display across your multiple retail sites, providing each location with a consistent, easily-operated monitoring and control system to deliver you excellent transparency and access to data to help drive improvement in your sales and profit.

We know that the complex world of retailing is in a constant state of flux. The flexibility of the questionnaire tool enables you to easily modify the exact information you capture in response to changing stock lines, demand, supply, seasons, promotions and other variables.