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AUDIT IT: Questionnarie Design...

Do you dread the thought of amending your existing audit questionnaires?

Relax … AUDIT IT’s Audit Design tool makes it easy to create and modify them in minutes.  No more reprinting or worrying if everyone is using the new form.  No more importing and exporting from other applications.  Develop your audit questions directly within the AUDIT IT application and simply replicate your current audit programs.  Each audit is set up as a distinct audit type which can be grouped to ease the management of your audit design information.

An example questionnaire is shown below: 

Audit Section:  Management and Control

Question:  Is there a management system that ensures supervision and control functions are in accordance with standards and authorities’ requirements?  These functions are to include:

Question Objects:  Aircraft handling and control, baggage handling, load control, etc

You can even set up data entry fields against a question, and predefine issues and actions for easy selection to eliminate the need to retype common responses.

The system’s remarkable flexibility lets you design any audit that you currently record on paper.