Our Consulting Methods...

How we can optimise your organisation's success.

Here at  BYPASS SOLUTIONS we have a team of specialists who understand that if we are going to help our client’s business we need to know their business.

We focus on supporting our clients through the implementation of major business process or systems improvement initiatives including, IT implementations, major step process change projects.

When you deal with BYPASS SOLUTIONS we guarantee your business receives true personal service.  That’s due to our size.  By being a small organisation, a BYPASS SOLUTIONS' Principal will always be a member of the team you deal with.  When you’re implementing major business improvement initiatives within the operations and supply chain environment, BYPASS SOLUTIONS understand that you want ‘hands on’ specialists who can live and breathe your business.  With this approach we aim to not only provide first rate service but to deliver more value to your company.

Here are just a few of the areas where we can impact your business within the supply chain processes....

Process Redesign & Re-Engineering

It’s about looking at the ‘big picture’.  After analysing your business, we work with you to put in place process redesign aimed at achieving significant service enhancements and cost reductions. In most cases, small incremental process changes implemented over time can lead to process inefficiencies and poor outcomes based on incorrect assumptions of the process requirements.

BYPASS SOLUTIONS review your processes as a whole and question the assumptions from which they were designed which then can identify major opportunities for improvement. more detail

Business Performance Measurement

Experience has shown us that there’s nothing like a fresh set of eyes with which to review your business performance and identify solutions.  At  BYPASS SOLUTIONS we help organisations get their performance measures really working so that they can, with minimal effort from staff, get control of operations and more effectively motivate individuals into actions that support company-wide business goals.   more detail

Project Management - Implementation Support

Getting things done faster and more efficiently.  With the disciplined use of our specialised project management tools you can deliver your project objectives sooner and with less interruption to your business.   more detail

Operation Strategy Development

Ensuring that all of your operations are working together seamlessly and “pulling in the same direction” is integral to reaching both short and long term goals.  BYPASS SOLUTIONS can assist you to prepare your ‘Strategic Operations Plans’, ensuring operations align with your existing business, future sales and marketing plans, current capabilities, potential capabilities, investment capacity and profit objectives.