AUDIT IT: Special Offer...

We understand that the prospect of changing your current auditing process may seem a little daunting, but we’re also very confident in the cost savings and compliance benefits you’ll be able to make using AUDIT IT.

As such, we’re giving the first two franchisors that sign up the opportunity to implement the system for free, giving a saving of $9,186.66.  So all you risk is two months license fees worth $1000.00.  Very little when you consider the likely gain.

Process and Timeline of Implementation

The Implementation should be completed over 5 weeks.  It is expected the trial will generally follow the plan below:

Stage Duration
Determine details of Implementation scope: success criteria, forms, staffing, timing etc 1 day
Build and validate 1 audit questionnaire 5 days
Field test questionnaire with Bypass Solutions 2 days
Finalise questionnaire and reports 2 days
Import Company Organisation data 2 days
Implement across 1 or 2 representatives 10 days
Final roll out to all reps 10 days
Review benefits to plan 2 days

Special Offer Value

We have also reduced the system license and hosting fees for the first two franchisors to sign up.

Item Standard Cost (ex GST) Special Offer (ex GST)
Project management and preparation of documentation (2.0 days) $  2,320.00   $ 0.00  
Audit form configuration: (1 form) $  2,320.00   $ 0.00  
Audit Result Report development (1 report) $  1,160.00   $ 0.00  
System setup and configuration $  2,320.00   $ 0.00  
Server and 5 user licences (special offer for first two contracts) $     833.33 per month $ 500.00 per month
Server hosting and communication fees $     400.00 per month $ 0.00  
Cost for 2 month license commitment period $10,166.66   $ 1,000.00*  

The total amount you will put at risk is just $1,000.00 ex GST

Customer must agree to be a reference customer.

* Travel and accommodation costs if required for trial set up are not included.

The implementation process does not include any system developments or specification of system developments except for the 1 Audit result report - system does include standard analysis and data reports