Practical Sustainable Solutions by Experienced Business Managers

BYPASS SOLUTIONS comprises of two groups of core skill base. A group of experienced managers who have run a variety of different businesses and operations for large organisations and a group of highly experienced IT technologists.  Our team’s experience covers a very wide range of industries.  We understand your problems because not only because we have helped others overcome similar issues but because we have also directly dealt with these issues from a hands on real world capacity.

Our focus within organisations has been to make them world leaders within their fields of operation delivering excellence in service, and outstanding value and quality of product.  Often these results have been achieved with the application of new technology into what becomes re-engineered business processes.

Through our experience we have developed successfully ways to engage people in organisations to embrace change.  BYPASS SOLUTIONS can successfully deliver sustainable improvement in your business through our process re-engineering methods and the clever use of enabling technologies.  Your people will not revert to old practices that do not support your business objectives.

Money Wad We offer a money back guarantee if we do not fulfil our commitment to you!


We believe that Bypass Solutions is uniquely qualified to work in partnership with your organisation for the following reasons:

  • Our knowledge, experience, capability and people
  • Our track record in successful delivery of business related improvement and technology projects
  • Our proven approach, tools, templates to accelerate delivery of project outcomes and speed to value
  • Our ability, experience and understanding to deliver practical implementations
  • Our relentless focus to achieve planned project outcomes
  • Our value proposition based our approach to programme facilitation
  • Technology designed for real industry needs and constantly evolved to remain the best in the market